Back at it.

After a rather lengthy break from photography I am looking to start-up again. My interest has been renewed!
Here is one image I created recently.

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On1 Photo Raw 2018

In no way to I consider myself a master of On1 Photo Raw 2018. I am simply an amateur photographer on a limited budget who was looking at other editing options as I no longer wish to support Adobe and their subscription based software. I came across On1 Photo Raw 2018 a little while back and gave it a test run with the free trial and have since purchased the product.

This product is amazing! It is a cross between Lightroom and Photoshop in one package. I have found that it can do everything I needed from Lightroom with the added value of being able to work with layers and masks without the need for a separate program. Editing with On1 Photo Raw is quicker than in LR because you can do it all in one place. The interface is easy to get used to with its various modules. It does not have all the bells and whistles as Photoshop does, but it has what most photographers would need at a fraction of the cost of the Adobe line. For me, this was the best alternative without giving up many (if any) of the features I used in LR and PS. It’s a great option for others on a tight budget or anyone looking to dump Adobe and its “rental” software.

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Sex Sells…


Everyone knows that sex sells, we see it everywhere in our daily lives. I suspect a great deal of thought, design creativity and planning went into creating the image in order to sell or promote a product or service. We as a society, accept that. This also applies to non-commercial work by both amateur and professional photographers. More often than not, these images are nice works of art. On the other hand…

I belong to various photography groups on facebook, flickr, 500px etc. There are many awesome boudoir, fine art nude, pregnancy and other tastefully done photos to be seen. The likes, stars, hearts or whatever other rating system used can be fairly high and boost the confidence of the photographer who created the image. Then you come across an image that obviously had no thought put into it. No creative process was used. The image isn’t even sharp. Yet the ratings are through the roof!! Why? Simply put, because it is a good looking young female showing some ass or breast. Or it could be a male subject showing off his six-pack, ass or partial lower body. I’m not talking porn images. I’m talking about actual art.

I realize not every photographer is at the same level of experience and we all have a particular style or technique. Fact remains; a bad quality image is a bad quality image no matter who created it. My question being, why would the “perfect” image be getting lower ratings than one of a lower calibre with basically the same pose or wardrobe?

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Experimenting with light grids


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The grids came with the lights when I purchased them years ago but never took the time to try them out. Here are a few images captured while experimenting with the grids.

Two lights were used in all the photos below. Main light is an Opus 200ws with honeycomb grid above subject. Second light is a cheap 150ws with snoot and grid placed about  90° (camera right) of subject.

untitled17-Edit-2 (Large) untitled17-Edit (Large) untitled2-Edit (Large) untitled18-Edit (Large)

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The people of LFDA (Airsoft)


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The LFDA (La Familya Du Airsoft Outaouais),  is an airsoft group from Gaineau Qc. Earlier in January we decided to get together and have a fun shoot doing portraits.

More can be seen in the Gallery



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untitled12-Edit-2 (Large)*French to follow

When my two boys started playing airsoft a few years back with cheap Canadian Tire guns it reminded me of my childhood, outside playing cowboys and Indians with the kids in the neighbourhood. I watched them play a few times then purchased my own cheap Canadian Tire gun and joined them. They would play fairly often here on the farm with their buddies and I, we had fun and it was an outside activity. Over time they seemed to be getting bored with it as only a small handful of their friends were interested. They had upgraded their guns but the thrill was gone with only 4-6 players participating.
Jump ahead a few years. The two of them have upgraded to a high quality M4. I just traded my M14, which I adored, for an M4. We are now part of the LFDA airsoft team ( from Gatineau that play in Buckingham every Sunday, weather permitting, over the summer and various other places over the winter. I never would have pictured this for myself 2 years ago. The friendships made and the comradery of this group is amazing. One big happy family, that plays to have fun and socialize with no drama.
The main reason why I enjoy it is the fact that I get to spend this time with my kids and wife, who now joins us on the field with her camera taken photos of the group in action. They grow up fast and you have to make the most of the time together before they are running off to college or whatever else life may throw at you. It may not seem like a big deal to some or even most of you, but these will certainly be cherished family times.

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Quand mes deux garçons ont commencé à jouer airsoft quelques années en arrière avec des fusils Canadian Tire bon marché il m’a rappelé mon enfance, à l’extérieur de jouer les cowboys et les Indiens avec les enfants dans le quartier. Je les ai vus jouer quelques fois, puis acheté mon propre pistolet de Canadian Tire pas cher et se joignirent à eux. Ils joueraient assez souvent ici à la ferme avec leurs copains et moi, nous nous sommes amusés et il était une activité extérieure. Au fil du temps, ils semblaient se ennuyer avec comme seule une petite poignée de leurs amis étaient intéressés. Ils avaient amélioré leurs armes, mais le frisson qui avait disparu avec seulement 4-6 joueurs participants.
Aller de l’avant quelques années. Les deux d’entre eux ont mis à niveau vers une haute qualité M4. Je viens échangé mon M14, que je l’adorais, pour un M4. Nous sommes maintenant partie de l’équipe d’airsoft LFDA de Gatineau qui jouent à Buckingham chaque dimanche, le temps le permet, durant l’été et divers autres endroits pendant l’hiver. Je ne l’aurais jamais photographié pour moi-même il ya 2 ans. Les amitiés et la camaraderie ont fait de ce groupe est incroyable. Une grande famille heureuse, qui joue pour avoir du plaisir et de socialiser avec des pas de drame.
La principale raison pour laquelle je l’apprécie est le fait que je peux passer ce temps avec mes enfants et ma femme, qui se joint à nous maintenant sur le terrain avec son appareil photo pris des photos du groupe en action. Ils grandissent vite et vous devez faire le plus de temps ensemble avant qu’ils ne soient en cours d’exécution à l’université ou que la vie d’autre peut jeter à vous. Il peut ne pas sembler une grosse affaire à certains ou même la plupart d’entre vous, mais ce sera certainement temps de famille chéri.

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Outdoor Portraits


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It was a beautiful Tuesday afternoon to be out shooting with a group of local photographers and models at Lac Beauchamp in Gatineau. It was somewhat a last-minute thing for me so I quickly packed up and headed out the door. Once we were all gathered I went to the vehicle to grab the gear and, of course, I had forgotten to pack an essential piece…camera batteries! I then chose to be an assistant rather than a model. Not much to assist with seeing as it was we were outside. Hold the reflector now and then was about it. After a few hours,  and not long before we all packed it in, a thought crossed my mind – must have spare batteries in the bag somewhere. Sure enough, tucked away in a little used pocket, there they were. I did manage to get a few shots after all.

RVPLacBeauchamp29-Edit (Large) RVPLacBeauchamp5-Edit (Large) RVPLacBeauchamp38-Edit (Large)

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Geocaching and Photography


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More photos taken while out geocaching on Grand Manan Island in the Bay of Fundy. Grand Manan is a beautiful island with scenic vistas around every corner. You do not need to be a geocacher to find its beauty, though it does help you find little known areas that regular tourists won’t venture to. Tourists…

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